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Flocknote People is an optional add-on subscription to an existing Flocknote network. It provides member-management features like giving tracking, document & record storage, attendance & participation tracking, advanced filtering capabilities, and much more! Visit for a full list of features. 

After your 30 day free trial of Flocknote People ends your subscription of Flocknote People will begin automatically. Not to worry – we’ll remind you ahead of time that your People trial is coming to an end. If you choose to cancel your trial before the end date – you’ll still get to use Flocknote People for the full 30 days free of charge! Click here to learn more.

Yes.  Flocknote People is an add-on product. It’s an additional cost on top of your normal Flocknote subscription (which is based on your member count). The cost of Flocknote People is one flat cost of $39 / month. 

Yes! It’s never been easier to generate and send your members their donor summaries for tax purposes at the end of the year — there is no label-making or mail merge necessary! Click here to learn more.

Yes! Any sacramental data can be tracked on each member’s profile. Simply create what we call a “custom profile fields” (which can be unique for each group) and you can provide that data or allow your members to fill it out themselves. Click here to learn more about using custom profile fields for sacrament tracking!

Yes, should you opt in to sending them, receipts for gifts will be emailed to the Heads of Households for their respective households. You can choose whether these are emailed or not after an individual gift or after a batch import. If there are multiple Heads of Household, then the receipt will go to each one. Click here to learn how to start emailing giving receipts! 

Yes! As long as you can put your giving data onto a spreadsheet, you can import it into Flocknote and move over mid-year. You’ll simply identify users by either their current envelope #’s or a unique ID # you can create for them. Click here to learn how to bulk-import giving data. 👍 

Absolutely! Click HERE for specific resources relating to Flocknote People in our Help Section. And of course, you can always send an email to or schedule a call below. 

P.S. we host monthly webinars (completely free) and would love to see you there! Click here to register!

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