Our mission? A more connected church.

We’ve spent over 9 years working with over 91,000 church and ministry leaders to help them reach more of their sheep. Why did we do it? We’re on a mission to help you build a more connected Church.

Most churches can’t reach their people when they need to — in between Sundays or if a person stops showing up on Sundays. We help churches fix that with a smarter way to text message and email their members. Flocknote churches can reach all their members at a moment’s notice, resulting in higher attendance, increased stewardship, and a more connected church. We hope you’ll join us on this most important mission!

We believe…

  • you’re on an important, faith-filled mission. We believe we can help!
  • in praying for our customers. Our customers, after all, are doing some of the most important work on the planet and we find great joy in serving them!
  • in rethinking how we use software and technology in the Church.
  • in simple and focused solutions that do just what you really need – and nothing you don’t.
  • that great service matters. We work hard to provide fast and friendly customer service.
  • in transparency. We have no hidden fees and all of our prices are published right on our site so you know exactly what you’re getting.
  • in NO contracts. Contracts are for services customers don’t love. Our customers can cancel any time, no questions, no extra fees, no worries.
  • that game-changing solutions are easy to use. You’ll pick up Flocknote in minutes, not weeks. (Check out our Get Started page and Help Center if you need a little quick help!)
9 Simple Ways to Improve Church Communication - Church Texting & Church Emailing

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9 Simple Ways

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