Reach More Members With Church Texting

Is your church texting yet? If not they should be! In addition to emails, text messaging is the most effective way to reach your church members (much more effective than an app, a paper bulletin, or social media). Flocknote’s church communication and management software will transform your church! All plans include unlimited emails and unlimited text messages!

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Church-friendly Pricing

We built our prices with church budgets in mind which is why all of our plans offer unlimited emails and unlimited text messages with 1 FREE Text-to-Join keyword. Use Flocknote for FREE for under 40 members and as you grow we have church-budget-friendly pricing that scales to fit your size. No contacts. No locked-in pricing. 

All plans include:

Create groups and send quick texts with Flocknote

No more fiddling with bulky group texts from your cell phone. Create unlimited groups and send a text message from Flocknote within seconds. Additionally, you can schedule text messages to be sent at a future date and time, save them as a draft, duplicate past text messages, and even include links in your texts, too. Check it out on the Flocknote blog: 11 Ways to Use Church Texting to Transform Your Church

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Capture replies vis email and text

Reach everyone and capture replies in one place

Don’t have someone’s cell phone number and only have their email instead? Not a problem, Flocknote will take the text from your text message and place it in an email to them instead automatically! It’s church texting and email made easy! 🎉

Your members will be able to reply directly to the emails and text messages you send. No matter how your message was sent, Flocknote captures all of the replies in one place for you. 

Use Text-to-Join for easy registration!

With Flocknote’s handy Text-to-Join feature, your members can text a unique keyword of your choosing from their cell phones and we’ll save their phone number and connect them with one of your groups on the spot! Also, we’ll send them back a link to add details like their name and email, as well as walk them through connecting with other groups in your church. Pretty spiffy!

All plans include 1 FREE Text-to-Join keyword!

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Send longer texts

Send long texts with images

Getting started with a church texting service shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg (you need those appendages for your ministry after all). To keep Flocknote church-budget friendly, we offer SuperTexting as an optional add-on feature. A SuperText is any text message that is longer than 160 characters OR includes an image OR both (MMS).  SuperTexting credit packages can be purchased and used as needed. The credits never expire and we start every network off with 100 FREE credits so that you can give it a whirl! 

Rest assured, the standard texts (texts without pictures and under 160 characters) are always unlimited.

The best part? Your members don’t have to log in, create an account, or download anything to get your messages!

2-minute setup. No credit card.
Unlimited free trial.

Built for churches, not marketers

  • All plans include unlimited emails and unlimited texts – craft beautiful email newsletters or quickly reach your members at a moment’s notice with our reliable church texting and email service!
  • While regular members will never need to download an app to receive messages, admins can use Flocknote’s email & church texting app for sending messages on the go.
  • Manage your communications and database all in one place with the addition of Flocknote People for member management.
  • Use Flocknote Fund It for all your church giving needs. You can conveniently prompt & accept giving from your members in the same place you send your regularly-scheduled emails & texts.
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Ready to give church texting & email a whirl?

2-minute setup. No credit card.
Unlimited free trial.