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No contracts. $0 Monthly Fees. $0 Setup Fees.
5 minute setup.

Meet Your Church's Financial Goals in Minutes

Did we mention how easy it is? We’ve intentionally built Fund It to be the easiest way to give and receive payments for churches and ministries with all-inclusive features (details linked below):

… and more!

Online giving with Fund It
Easy church giving through email

2-Click Giving

With Flocknote’s communications-first approach, you can prompt giving from your members in the same place you send your regularly-scheduled emails & texts. With the Smart Button, your church members can give easily in just 2 clicks! No need to log in to a separate system or remember a password! 🎉🤩

The Smarter Way to Pay

With Flocknote, you’ve got the power to reach your members at a moment’s notice where they’re already at – in their inboxes and on their phones. Now with Fund It, you can safely and securely raise funds via email and text too!

Now your church can raise more money, from more people, faster than ever before by giving your members a smarter way to pay. Works great for one-time payments, as well as automatic, recurring donations!

Example of member donating online
Secure church giving

Secure & Private Online Giving

Flocknote offers secure payment processing through WePay by JPMorgan Chase, a world-renowned leader in secure payment processing. Now you can offer your members not only the easiest way to give but also the safest!

The best part? After your members make a payment the first time, their info can be securely stored for easy peasy 2-click giving moving forward!

No contracts. $0 Monthly Fees. $0 Setup Fees.
5 minute setup.

Straightforward Pricing

No Contracts

$0 Monthly Fees

$0 Setup Fees

Getting started with your payment and donation software shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg (you need those appendages for your ministry after all). That’s why there are no sneaky setup fees or costly annual fees with Fund It – it’s included as part of your Flocknote subscription. 

You simply pay the friendly, industry-standard: 1.1% + 30¢ per ACH transaction, and 2.9% + 30¢ per credit/debit card transaction.

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Got questions? We've got answers!

Anyone can give to your church or organization, regardless of whether they are currently in your Flocknote network yet or not. The best part is that they do not have to download an app, create a login, or remember a password to be able to give easily!

Yes, and we’ve made it very user-friendly! It’s as easy as clicking one little checkbox! If you’ve already got a Flocknote network with Fund It started, learn how to enable recurring giving HERE.

Flocknote offers secure payment processing through WePay, Inc. by JPMorgan Chase so that you can request and receive payments from your members with peace of mind. This payment processing is backed by the world-renowned security of JPMorgan Chase and securely built into the friendly software by Flocknote that you already know and love. View full terms and conditions.

Learn how to get started HERE! Complete setup in 5 minutes and start collecting donations immediately.

Fund It enables easy & secure payments via debit card, credit card, or ACH deposit (bank account).

Yes, payments made via Fund It can be exported so you can rectify that information with an accounting software tool (ex = Quickbooks for payroll) if desired.

If you are looking to use Fund It with a donor management tool, the great news is that that is already built into Flocknote with Flocknote People, an optional add-on subscription to an existing Flocknote network for people management and donation tracking.

No, both Flocknote People and Fund It are completely optional add-ons to an existing Flocknote network, so you can enable one, neither, or both depending on what your church needs!

But because they work together seamlessly, combining the advanced people-management and giving tracking features of Flocknote People with the payment processing capabilities of Fund It gives you an optimal experience and seriously supercharges your church’s giving, fundraising, and financial record-keeping. ⚡️ Learn more.

Permissions can be given or removed on an individual basis by a Super Admin with existing permissions. Learn all about Fund It Admin Permissions!

Rest assured, only the individual user will ever be able to see their wallet/stored payment information unless they share it intentionally. 👍

We have handy written help guides + short training videos in our Help Center. We also offer a live demonstration webinar (including a Q&A portion) that you can register for HERE! And of course, if you have any questions, send an email to or schedule a call at The fast & friendly Flocknote Happiness Engineers are standing by to help!

Want to learn more?  Sign up to attend an upcoming Fund It webinar! 

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No contracts. $0 Monthly Fees. $0 Setup Fees.
5 minute setup.