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We’ve been hearing from so many Flocknote users that they love having the most up-to-date contact information for their members in Flocknote, but that their record keeping would be simplified if they could store all of their other data about their members in Flocknote, too. You’ve asked and we’ve listened. Introducing Flocknote People – a smarter church member database that allows you to store not only member contact information, but also documents, notes, family groupings, and even giving records too!

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Replace your current church member management software & add Flocknote People to your existing Flocknote network




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Unlimited emails & unlimited standard texts

Unlimited admins & unlimited groups

Signups for Sunday services with COVID compliance, potlucks, volunteering, & more!

Open rates & tracking made simple with Unolytics

Advanced filtering capabilities

Member management data with fully customizable profile fields

Attendance & participation tracking for church, Religious Ed, Sacramental Prep, VBS, and more with Boards!

Household grouping & relationship tracking

Exportable/printable giving tracking data, including automatic EOY tax receipts

Document & record storage, “remarks” on member profiles

Setting a Parent Contact to receive communications for a child

A powerful church database for churches big and small

Custom Profile Fields

Create unlimited custom profile fields to track precisely what you need to. You can even tailor these fields per group, too! Ask your college students their class year, ask your volunteers for their coffee order, ask your choir for their robe size…you get the picture!

Custom profile fields examples

Attendance & Participation Tracking

Use it for church attendance, Sacrament prep, Religious Ed, VBS registration, school attendance – there are countless ways to use Boards for your member-management needs!

Profile Remarks

Leave internal remarks on members’ profiles. You can customize the privacy settings on each remark to be visible for group admins, the members themselves, or just for your own private records. Try leaving a remark that you still need a permission slip from Billy for the upcoming field trip or perhaps that Walt would be a wonderful warbler for the choir. 🎶

profile remarks example
Document profile storage example

Document & Records Storage

Upload unlimited documents for each of your members. Store baptism and sacrament records, permission slips, photos and images, forms, receipts – you name it. Break free from only being able to access your records from your office computer. Access documents on the go wherever you are!

Intelligent Info Gathering

Unlike other tools, your data will get better with time, not worse. Intelligent Info Gathering will automatically ask your members to confirm their info in the footer of emails you send through Flocknote. You just have to sit back and relax — trust the system to do all the work for you, ensuring the member data you have on file is up-to-date. Your church database just got smarter!💡

intelligent info gathering example
Giving tracking example gif

Giving Tracking

Create customizable funds and track donation amounts by household, envelope number, amounts given, payment method (cash/check/PayPal, etc.), which fund received the donation, and more! Select any time period to generate detailed reports and stats. Add donation amounts on individual member profiles or add gifts in batches. 

Proxy Contacts for setting a parent contact for a child

Easily designate one member as another member’s proxy. This means that you can choose to have one member receive notes on behalf of another!

This is especially helpful for those younger teens and children in your network who might not have contact information. You can designate their parents (or any other member) as their proxy, so they can receive all those important emails and texts on their behalf. The best part? This is all Safe-Environment compliant! ✔️

Proxy contacts example

We’ll transfer your data from another church member management software for FREE!

Think of us as expert movers – we’ll carefully (and thoroughly) move your church data from its old home to its new home in Flocknote. We’ll even help unpack a bit! 😊

Flocknote People is a flat-rate of $39/month on top of your regular Flocknote subscription, regardless of the size of your network!

What real Flocknote People admins have to say

What real Flocknote People admins have to say

Flocknote Happiness Engineer

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