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We’ve been working so hard over the years on our super-friendly software and award-winning customer service. Don’t just take our word for it! Hear what real customers have to say about their experiences with Flocknote!

Margaretann O’Rourke
St. Thomas More Oratory

I absolutely award 5 stars. I always think you provide 5-star support. Your response time is awesome and like no other third-party vendor with which I have worked (34 years in Banking and 1.5 years doing the Lord’s Work). I know I can rely on the support of the Flocknote team.”


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“Amazingly easy and the staff was incredibly helpful!! I would HIGHLY recommend it to ANY organization!!!!”

Rev. Alonzo Black and his wife Evangelist Susan Black
Ross Point Freedom Church

Rev. Alonzo Black and his wife Susan from Ross Point Freedom Church
Amy Moran from St. Thomas More

“Joe was great! He called me even though there wasn’t an appointment available until Monday and everyone was out of the office. He went above and beyond. Flocknote is exactly what I need for a fraction of the price of other services. SO excited to send out my first note to my flock!”

Amy Moran
St. Thomas More

Unlike other companies, the customer service is EXCELLENT! This is huge for me as my learning curve is straight up and down until I become familiar with the new system. I love the training videos along with the written directions as opposed to having to read all the directions. The Happiness Engineers have been there for me via email and or a scheduled conference call within 24 hours.”

Lori Moriarty
City of the Lord

Lori Moriarty from City of the Lord

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Uno with the Flocknote Blog

Friendly people management software to write home about

Friendly people management software to write home about

Karen Wilson
Mission San Luis Rey

“One of the most awesome contact programs ever. So simple to use, such great customer service. Thank you!”

Flocknote Happiness Engineer

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