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How One Church Switched With Ease To Flocknote People For Their Member Management

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Managing your members and communicating with them should be one of the most exciting and fruitful things you get to do – not the most difficult and frustrating.

Most church management systems can be overwhelming and complicated. They can get in the way of shepherding your flock instead of allowing you to reach your sheep successfully and joyfully.

That’s why we built Flocknote People – to allow churches and ministry leaders to manage their members easily and communicate with them like never before. But, trying something new can sometimes be intimidating, especially when it involves technology. So, we’ve made switching your member management system as easy as can be.


Kim Thomas

We had the pleasure of chatting with Kim Thomas from St. Luke University Parish in Georgetown Township, Michigan. Kim is the Parish Secretary and she led the church’s migration from ParishSOFT to Flocknote People for all their member management back in 2021. She shared what it was like switching over and how the parish has been enjoying its new member management tool.

1) How was your data migration experience from your previous tool?

 “It was very easy. There are step-by-step instructions, someone will assist you and will send you a video that is made for you specifically (using your database, your name… now that’s customer service!).

And the easiest part? The Happiness Engineers do most of the importing for you!”

2) How is Flocknote People different/better than your previous member management tool?

 “In many ways, it’s been a huge improvement. Easier to use, cleaner, everything in one place and not on separate web pages, etc. Having everything in one database is what sets Flocknote People apart. The communication functions are the best. We didn’t even have those capabilities with our old system, so we needed a separate database for that also.”

3) How has Flocknote People made member management better and easier at your church?

“Being able to set up groups. You can add members to a new group or add new members to an already existing group. What’s great with groups is you can just go to a group and send emails/texts instantly without having to select individual people (which you can also do if needed).

I really like the ‘proxy’ functions for children. It is a great tool for your groups like faith formation, ministries, etc. So, when you send information out, it goes directly to the parent.”

4) What is your experience with using Flocknote People for Giving Tracking?

 The Giving feature is so easy to use. You can enter in several fund types under a single person’s transaction within a batch. The best thing is you can modify or change an entry while in a batch before you close it – instead of having to delete it later and enter it again.

We also use online giving. Importing that information is very easy to do. The report function is so nice. On the main ‘Giving’ page, you can see stats of what funds have the most by percentage, total amount, and number or gifts within a fund. And it’s easy to add new funds.”

5) If another church was thinking about using Flocknote People, what would you tell them?

“If you are apprehensive, don’t be. I’ve done customer service-type jobs over the past 30 years, and Flocknote’s customer service is amazing, one of the best I’ve ever found.

You will get a reply quickly. They will continually keep you up to date on things they are working on. They will walk you through steps, send a ‘personalized’ video with ‘how to’ steps, and written, easy-to-follow instructions.”

If the thought of changing member databases scares you – simply reach out to our team of Happiness Engineers and we’d be happy to walk you through your migration, step-by-step!  Email our Happiness Engineers at

If your current member management tool leaves you scratching your head and overwhelmed, or if you’re looking for a way to supercharge your communication efforts – check out Flocknote People, a member database that puts communication first.

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Written by Hunter Leonard

Flocknote Happiness Engineer