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How to Stay “Safe Environment” Compliant (And Still Communicate!)

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Flocknote actually helps your church keep children safe and remain Safe Environment compliant, all while still empowering your leaders to communicate with your members using the two most powerful and effective channels today – text messaging and email!

Here’s how:

  1. Archives everything – Flocknote archives every conversation for you, whether it’s a text message or email conversation with a thousand people or a private discussion with just one person. Everything is recorded.
  2. Copy parents – Flocknote makes it easy to copy parents on any communications you’re sending to a minor.
  3. Protects sender’s contact info – Flocknote keeps your personal contact info (your private email address or phone number) from being revealed, preventing minors or other members from figuring it out and then starting direct communication threads outside the system directly with your private email or phone.
  4. Control access to member info – Flocknote lets You control access to who can see member contact info. You can even give certain leaders the ability to send notes to the whole group (making them a Note Admin), but without giving them the ability to see any of the personal contact info of your individual members in that group.
  5. Give multiple admins access – Flocknote allows you to give multiple admins access to your entire archive of all your communications, replies and discussions (by simply having more than one admin for a given group…or an extra super admin of course).

All of these are typical requirements for remaining Safe Environment compliant. Unfortunately, other communication tools don’t do most of these things, making it much more difficult or even impossible to remain compliant while using them. But with Flocknote, we make it easy and do a lot of the work for you.

So make sure all your ministry leaders know this and take advantage of the fact that with Flocknote they can still communicate directly with their people, via the most effective channels today (email and texting), while also helping to keep our children safe.

Not sure if your current communication software is Safe Environment Complaint? Check out our FREE 5 point inspection below!