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Raise More Money For Your Church in Minutes With Fund It

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For many churches, raising money and accepting payments can be extremely difficult and frustrating.

There might be separate funds for different ministries that all have distinct methods of taking donations and payments. Visitors might leave a little cash in the offering basket, but there’s no way to follow up, thank them, or get them plugged in. Meanwhile, members have to dig through your website to find a link to make a donation, but can’t remember their username or password… the list of troubles goes on!

The truth is: your people want to donate and give money. The problem is: it’s usually just so inconvenient that people don’t get around to it. There’s a much better, easier solution!

After years of development, Flocknote has launched its newest feature: Fund It, a fast, easy, and secure online giving tool for churches. With Fund It, you will get more money, from more people, much faster and with less effort.

Fund It is designed to be the easiest way to give and receive payments for churches and ministries with all-inclusive features such as:

  • 2-Click-Giving
  • Text-to-Give
  • Reply-to-Give
  • Unlimited fund setup
  • Recurring giving 
  • Unique giving pages for each fund
  • And much, much more!
Online church giving feature

Each feature is intentionally built and designed to solve real problems facing churches and their members. Here are just a few ways Fund It can solve your church giving problems!


No logins. No passwords. No apps to download. Cut out all the extra steps and stress by sending an email to your members with a button they can click to instantly give a gift or make a payment.

Problem: It is difficult for members to give money to their church. They need to find the proper website with the correct link and then create an account and password, then input all their payment information and then verify their identity via email or text. And this happens each time!

Easy church giving through email

Solution: Send your members a Smart Button via Flocknote and allow them to click the button to instantly give a gift to one of your funds. The magic is in the second gift. After putting in their payment info just one time, thereafter they’ll be able to make a donation or payment in two easy clicks!


A great way to quickly and easily raise money in person when someone might not have cash. Set a unique keyword with a designated giving amount to allow members to text that keyword and instantly make a donation.

Problem: Everyone loves coming to the hall for donuts and hospitality after church, but most people don’t carry cash with them to make a small donation.

Example of member donating online

Solution: Set a simple Text-to-Give keyword like Donuts or Hospitality that members can text in to instantly make a donation right from their phones.


This is a game-changer and makes donating easier than ever before! Members can simply reply to a text that is asking for money by saying, “Yes” or with a donation amount, and instantly give a gift.

Problem: A Youth Minister needs $5 from every kid for pizza and soda this Friday, but the teens don’t have money and the volunteers don’t have time to track down each parent to ask for a donation.

SolutionSend a text with Flocknote asking all the parents if they can donate $5. Parents simply need to reply, “Yes” and immediately the donation takes place and the teens get their pizza!

Recurring Giving

Your members can not only make a one-time payment, but they can also make those donations recur automatically on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis! This is perfect for your church’s tithing, fundraising, event, and general church giving needs.

Stay Connected

One of the best parts of Fund It is that it is completely integrated into your Flocknote network. That means you will now be able to connect with and engage everyone who makes a donation or payment. 

Not only will you be able to easily ask members to make a gift via email and text, but you’ll be able to better thank your donors, send automated receipts for payments, and offer to get your people added to your groups and plugged into the community.

More Than Just Online Giving

Ultimately, church giving should be about more than simply raising and accepting money; it’s about funding the meaningful work your church community is doing. After all, you’re doing the most important work there is: building God’s kingdom. Your people want to be part of that meaningful work; they want to play a role, donate, and get involved.

Help people see the important work your church is doing. Help them feel connected, engaged, and motivated to join you in your mission. And then, help them fund it with Flocknote.

Want to make your church giving quicker and easier than ever before? Learn more about Fund It!

After years of development, Flocknote has launched its newest feature: Fund It, a fast, easy, and secure online giving tool for churches. With Fund It, you will get more money, from more people, much faster and with less effort. Learn more at

Flocknote Happiness Engineer

Written by Hunter Leonard

Flocknote Happiness Engineer