Get all of your ministry leaders and staff members together and:


Easy Setup

  • Organize your ministries: (Make sure you are logged in with your admin account for this part) The groups you see in Flocknote when you first sign in are just some default groups to help you get started. Now it’s time to edit your groups to make sure all of your ministries and communication efforts are represented and organized like you want them! You can create, edit, reorder or remove groups at any time. Do all of this using the (More) “…” button in the top left of your network page.
  • Your admin team: Have each of your ministry leaders and staff join your Flocknote network using your unique Flocknote URL, found at the top of your web browser (Example:
  • Empower your admins: Once your ministry leaders are in, add them to their appropriate groups (if they aren’t on them already), then designate them a “Group Admin” using the “People” tab within each group. Now they have the power.

Gathering contact info you already have

Where to look:

  • Export names, emails and phone numbers (other fields are fine, too) from your central member database. A “.CSV” or Excel spreadsheet file is ideal. (more info here)
  • Export any contacts you have in your Outlook, other email application or anywhere else they might be. (more info here)
  • Ask all of your key ministry leaders to do the same.

No need to reformat, combine files or clean up duplicate contacts (Flocknote takes care of that).

Then, either:

  1. Import these files into Flocknote yourselves and onto appropriate groups (click here for how to do that)
  2. Or email the files to and we will do it for you!

Signup Sundays

A Signup Sunday is designed to:

  • Kickoff your use of Flocknote with your members.
  • Quickly gather or update the most important contact info for all your members.
  • Let all your people choose what groups and ministries they’d like to get updates from (they DO NOT need any kind of Flocknote training or to really understand Flocknote at all to do this).

How it works:

  1. Print out this flyer -> WordEspañol, fill it out (need help filling in the blanks? Click here.), then make a bunch of photocopies. Pass one out to every person who shows up on Sunday.
  2. Prepare and make an announcement on Sunday (Use this script->PDF | Word).
  3. Then just follow the instructions in the script and flyer.
  4. BONUS: The Sunday before, make an announcement telling members to “Bring your cell phones next Sunday!”Here’s a handy graphic you can use on social media or in your bulletin.

And with that, within a matter of minutes over one Sunday, you’ll get everyone’s most important contact info, have them plugged in to the ministries they want info from and be ready to start sending them info and getting feedback. You’ll want to do this 3-4 Sundays in a row to maximize participation. And you can continue doing it throughout the year at any events any time you’d like. That’s it!

Now, just start using Flocknote to engage your members!

All that’s left is to keep using Flocknote — sending notes, listening to your members, growing your engagement! We even have lots of fun resources if you’d like to take your communicating to the next level. Have fun!