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9 Keys to a Successful Signup Sunday

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How would you like to double the amount of members you can currently contact? Let’s be honest, like most churches you probably have no way of directly reaching over half of the people in the pews, once they walk out the door on Sundays. And you may have no way to reach them if they stop showing up on Sundays, either. Signup Sundays can fix that for you and it can help you launch Flocknote in the process.

What is a Signup Sunday? It’s a way you can help your church members connect with the individual groups and ministries in your church (and the church as a whole of course, too!). As Matthew explains in the video below, good execution is what’s going to determine if your Signup Sunday is a huge success or a big flop!

9 Keys to a Successful Signup Sunday

  1. The Big Plan: If you don’t make a big deal out of it, neither will your people. Plan ahead, and intrigue them. Tell your members to bring their cell phones next Sunday, have fun and be dramatic. You can even print some banners or flyers to hang up with your custom Text-to-Join keyword. 
  2. The Most Important Why: Share with your members why they should sign up at all. Get your members excited about your mission to entice them to sign up and be on mission with you. 
  3. The Brief What: Be sure to mention to your members what Flocknote is so that they are familiar with it. Don’t overcomplicate it. Remember, they aren’t connecting with Flocknote they are connecting you with. 
  4. The Building of Trust: Remind your members that they are in control. They get to choose what info they receive from you, and they can adjust what info is sent their way any time they’d like.
  5. The Specific How: Tell your members how you’re going to be using Flocknote to communicate. Describe some of the ministries and groups they will be able to connect with. It’s also super important to share with them what kind of things you will send, and how often.
  6. The Clear & Simple Call to Action: Really bad instructions can confuse the heck out of people. Make sure your call to action for joining Flocknote is clear and simple for your members. We recommend checking out our super helpful Signup Sunday Script for detailed how-tos on how to go about asking your members to join your network. 
  7. The Motivating Carrot: Sometimes your members need a little push to do something you need them to do right now. It’s super helpful to give your members time to join your Flocknote network immediately. Oftentimes, even a fun little prize can do the trick and motivate your members to join your network.
  8. The Dramatic Pause: Dovetailing with key #7, be sure to give your members time to react to what you’re asking them to do. Pause, and wait for them to take action on what you’ve just requested of them. For example, if you’re asking your members to use your Text-to-Join keyword to join your network, give your members time to get their phones out and complete their sign-up process. 
  9. The Regular Habit: Even after you hold your Signup Sunday, remember that every Sunday, gathering, or meeting you should be announcing how your members can connect with you through Flocknote. 

In the end, a successful Signup Sunday is an exercise in good leadership. Are you on a mission your people want to be a part of? If yes, they will respond and the results will be dramatic. 

Want to learn more? Check out the short video below to learn how to get your members to join your network super easily in just a few minutes! 

This short video was taken from an episode of The Finding Uno Show, a fun & free show hosted by Flocknote Founder & CEO, Matthew Warner. Watch or listen to the full episode at