Looking to supercharge your text messages?⚡️

Add SuperTexting to your Flocknote subscription to send longer text messages
and include an image in your texts!

Church-Budget Friendly

SuperTexting is an optional add-on feature to your regular Flocknote subscription. SuperTexting credit packages can be purchased and used as needed.

Rest assured, the standard texts (texts without pictures and under 160 characters) are still unlimited and included as part of your monthly Flocknote pricing.


SuperTexting credit packages can be purchased and used as needed. And guess what — the credits never expire! Plus, we start every network off with 100 FREE credits so that you can give it a whirl! 🥳

You may be wondering why SuperTexts aren’t included as part of your regular Flocknote subscription.

Think of a regular 160 character text message as a nice postcard or letter you stick in the mail, small and affordable to send. On the other hand, sending longer messages and photos are like mailing a package, they incur an extra cost to send. We’ve worked hard to make SuperTexting one of the most affordable picture messages services out there.

Learn more here! 😍

See how SuperTexting can take your communications to the next level.


I’ve already used SuperTexts twice and signed up for more credits! Love it!

– Ginger H.


I am loving the SUPER Texts!!

– Lillie V.

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