Introducing Flocknote Signups 🎉

A simple way to register your church members for Sunday attendance.

Set a capacity for your church and quickly get a headcount. Reopen your church safely and get back to enjoying your time together as a community.

register your church members for Sunday attendance
online form to register your church members for Sunday attendance

100% Customizable 🤓

Sunday registration tailored for your church

Title your Signup however you need, and add any pertinent times or details you need to. You can easily set a maximum party size and a total capacity for your church.

Easy peasy! 🤩

Signups are easy to share and use with your congregation

Build and share a Signup anywhere you need to. It's simple for your members to complete a Signup and get the details they need.

Elder couple - A simple way to register your church members for Sunday attendance.

Share Your Signup in a Flocknote Note

You can add an existing Signup to a Flocknote email Note, or build a new Signup right from the email composer.

Share Your Signup Anywhere Using a Link

Share your Signup on your church's website or social media accounts, or anywhere you need to with a public Signup link.

Confirmation Emails Send Automatically

Your members can modify or cancel their registration right from the automated confirmation email. Easy Peasy!

See Signups in action

Watch how quick and easy it is to create a Signup to allow your members to register for Sunday attendance.


"You guys are the best! Thank you for creating this simple sign up feature for us! It's wonderful to have this incorporated in our existing communications. It's so easy for our members to sign up without going to another site (*signupgenius*). I really appreciate the simplicity! This is fantastic for our current situation, but I can see that it will also be great to use going forward as we are able to have group meetings and events. Truly amazing!"

Betty G. – Richmond Va.

Signups are included as part of your Flocknote network. No additional subscription required!

Flocknote is FREE for up to 40 members and paid plans start at just $8 / month.