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You simply start with a free plan (free for up to 40 members) and then grow from there with our incremental pricing so you never pay for more than you need. You get a free text-to-join keyword, too! No commitment. No risk. No credit card required.
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If Flocknote saves you even one paper mail-out PER YEAR, it pays for itself for the entire YEAR with unlimited emails and text messages for every one of your ministries/groups. You will empower every ministry leader to do what they do better, reaching all your members more effectively than ever, all for less than a single cell phone bill. Even better, it will DOUBLE (or maybe quadruple) attendance to your events (which means 2x or 4x in the collection plate, too). For more on the tremendous value of Flocknote, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each unique person in the system counts as ONE member. That person can join an unlimited number of groups…and they still count as just ONE member. Because we only ever charge you for unique contacts you *actually* have in Flocknote, everyone starts out on our FREE plan (up to 40 members) and then simply upgrades from there as more of their members join (or are imported by you).

We take credit/debit card or check (if you want to pay by check, simply sign up, then contact and let us know). And YES, you can pay yearly. In fact, you can pre-pay for whatever length of time you like.  And when you do so, you will get an extra $5 in bonus credit for every $100 you pre-pay. Free money! If you need assistance with that, just email

We want all of your leaders to understand how Flocknote will benefit them in their ministry. We have a great video titled: 7 ways Flocknote will make your life easier. We suggest sharing that video with them, or watching it at your next staff meeting to discuss.

Yep. We have embed forms you can stick right on your website so all your website visitors have a chance to sign up for any or all of your communications. You can also have any of your Flocknote communications automatically display on your website. Neat, huh!? Even better, if you use eCatholic or Sheenomo for your website, Flocknote is already integrated with them to do all this for you with just a few clicks.

Yes. We capture all replies for you — all in one place. So rather than a group text message (or email) resulting in a barrage of reply-alls to everyone (which just annoys everyone on the list), all the replies go back to one place on Flocknote for admins to read them. You can also have a secure group conversations if you’d like, all in just one click and without members even having to log in. Additionally you can choose to be notified of replies by text or email so you’re always up to date!

Yes. Any contact info you already have in an existing database (or anywhere) can be imported straight into Flocknote (let us know if you need any help with this). Additionally, at any time, you can export all your contact info you have captured in Flocknote. That way you can do what you like with it (like update your own database, store it, open it in excel, etc). Most of our customers find that Flocknote ends up being their most up-to-date and important database of member info.

Nope. Flock note is all web-based. That means no hassle of downloading, installing or updating software. You’re always running the latest version and you can securely access it from any internet connection in the world and from any device (desktop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.). We also have an app for iPhones and Androids.

Yes. Each person has their own secure login. And you can set each person’s admin permissions individually however you like (more info on admin levels). All plans include unlimited admins

There are 4 main ways people can connect with you on Flocknote:

  1. They can Text-to-join using our short-code phone number (i.e. “Text [KEYWORD] to 84576”). You can choose your first keyword for free (and can purchase more for only $4/month). All in a matter of minutes — right from their mobile phone while sitting in front of you — it captures their name, mobile phone number, and email address, AND then it let’s them pick whatever groups (ministries, lists, etc. you create) they want to get info from. It’s really, really cool. Click here for a short video demo.
  2. They can do the same thing through your own Flocknote link you share (ex:
  3. You can embed the signup form on your website.
  4. For any contacts you already have, you can simply import them into Flocknote, put them on whatever groups they need to be on and start texting and emailing your members. So technically your members don’t even *have* to directly sign up in order to benefit from Flocknote.

Flocknote is totally different from Facebook. Facebook can be helpful for social networking, but it’s not great at directly reaching your members (an essential function for any healthy community). When it comes to directly reaching your members (regularly or at a moment’s notice), emailing and text messaging (Flocknote’s specialty) is amazingly and drastically more effective than Facebook (or anything else). Just check these stats.

Flocknote is made for ministry, not for coupons, sales tracking, and other business marketing needs. First it’s much simpler and quicker to use than other tools (so it’s easy for your entire staff and team to use it, too!). Second, it includes both email AND text messaging (which is super powerful). Third, Flocknote has a host of additional benefits, such as a simple interface, text-to-join for easy registration, direct replies, the ability to capture all your members’ replies in one place, polls, RSVPs, and more — while still tracking who is opening your email, addresses that bounce, etc. We have a complete comparison of Flocknote vs. email marketing software here.

Yes! We have a mobile app to send texts and emails to all your members on the go! You can find our iPhone App in the Apple App Store and our Android App in the Google Play Store. Both are free.

We’d LOVE to hear from you and learn more about your church’s needs. We offer support via phone, email, and chat. Contact us here.

Spend less time administering and more time ministering

No credit card required. Free for 40 members or less. No contracts. Cancel anytime.