A lot of churches have previously used some kind of “email marketing” tool (i.e. Constant Contact, Mailchimp, etc.). Now they use Flocknote. Here are some of the reasons why they made the switch to Flocknote (click each one to read more): Made for ministry – not just marketing. So simple you’ll actually use it. Does… Read More

Does your church need its own mobile app? I’ve traveled the country for years speaking to tens of thousands of church leaders. And at every event, without fail, somebody asks…what about mobile apps? Does my church need a mobile app? What are they exactly? Aren’t they the future? Shouldn’t we be investing in a mobile… Read More

A letter from our founder:   In case some of you have never heard it, here’s the short story of why I started Flocknote. After college, I realized how many of my peers were drifting away from the Church. I wanted to help, but I didn’t know how. I quickly realized that to best help… Read More

So you’re afraid that if you open up comments on your blog, your Facebook page, or even on a note you send out through Flocknote (yep, Flocknote’s one of the best ways to have group convos), you might get some mean, nasty or inappropriate comments? I understand. So what do we do about that? Here… Read More

Wondering what the best ways are to “get the message out” to your church members? Here are some of the most common methods…and how effective they typically are. I’m leaving off snail-mail, personal phone calls and robo-calls. When communicating with large groups, these are generally either not cost-effective, not time-efficient, annoying or increasingly not read/listened… Read More

When you think about “communications,” are you forgetting one of the most important things required for good communication? Unfortunately, it’s a very common mistake made by many organizations and often one of the key reasons they are unsuccessful with their communications strategy. They are so focused on just “getting their message out” that they forget… Read More

We asked our users what tips they would give others to be successful with Flocknote. This short guide summarizes their amazing advice: Preparation for launch 1. Know why you are using Flocknote What are you trying to accomplish with Flocknote? How does it serve your organization’s mission? Be more specific than simply “better communication.” (i.e.… Read More

Most organizations waste key opportunities to connect with their members. Any time a person comes in contact with your organization, whether online or off, it’s a key opportunity that you may never get again. Whenever somebody happens upon your website, a Sunday gathering, a blog post you wrote or some other special event, make it a… Read More