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Flocknote’s Features

The BEST way to reach your people

With so many social networks, mobile apps and communication tools out there, it’s easy to forget that text messaging and email (Flocknote’s specialty) are still the most important and effective! How would you like to reach triple (email) or 5-10 times (text messaging) the number of people who read the bulletin, your website or any other channel?

Unlimited emails and text messages

You heard us right. Send as many emails and text messages as you’d like, all for one, flat price.

Helpful analytics

Flocknote reports open rates, email bounces and more so you know if your message is getting through or not.

Targeted messaging

Don’t say everything to everyone! Flocknote lets you send a message to *everyone* or to simply one particular group (or sub-group) in your community.

Unlimited groups & admins

Create as many groups as you want for every single department, ministry, sub-group or anything else. And then give each admin control over only the groups they need control of.

Sub-group hierarchies

Organize and arrange all your groups however you like so that when somebody joins one group, they will automatically be a member of any groups above it, too!

Control over admin levels

Any member of a particular group can be made into a Note Admin, a Group Admin or a Super Admin…each with increasing levels of power over that group.

Your members can customize how they hear from you

Not only can they choose which groups they want updates from, but they can choose whether they want email, text messages or both from each group. And, of course, they can unsubscribe themselves any time they’d like — without having to bother you.

Export all your data any time

Since all the member information you collect in Flocknote belongs to you (we just keep it safe for you) you can export your member data at any time (which makes it easy to import into any other systems you have if you need to).

Send test emails

Before you blast out an email to thousands of people, you can send it to yourself first just to make sure you like it.

Spanish friendly

If you have Spanish speaking communities, you can do the entire text-to-join process in Spanish for them. Additionally, any notes can be sent out in whatever language you’d like.

Member photos

Members can upload photos of themselves so your ministry can put a face to a name.

Duplicate notes

You can easily duplicate (and then edit) any message you’ve sent in the past, saving you tons of time for those regular communications you send out.

Welcome messages

Craft custom emails that go out to somebody any time they join a particular group or ministry.

Free content for you

We also have a growing library of free content (campaigns, email newsletters, sample text messages to engage your flock, etc.) at your disposal that you can take, edit, and make your own at any time.

Gather members’ most important contact info

Import the contacts you already have, then let your members connect with you (or update their info) via a link or their mobile phone using our text-to-join feature. Many churches actually double their number of contacts in just a few minutes on a single Sunday using Flocknote.


Just by your members sending a simple text message, you can capture their mobile phone number, name and email address AND then it lets them select which of your ministries or groups they want to get information from. You get one keyword FREE and then you can purchase more, so each group can have their own keyword if you want. You get to use our short-code (5 digit phone number), too!

We like simple (simple works!)

Simple concept. Simple interface. No software to load. Training takes less than an hour. Time is precious for parish staff and volunteers, and we recognize that. So, Flocknote helps you communicate more effectively in less time.

Beautiful email newsletters

Sure, we make creating awesome email super simple, but you can make them look super nice, too. Make one- and two-column newsletter style emails with custom branding, header images, photos, videos, polls, events, quotes, attachments and more!

Get quick, powerful feedback from your people

Your members can reply directly to an email or text message and Flocknote captures all their responses in one place for you. You can also do quick powerful polls, track event RSVPs and conduct group conversations…all without your members ever having to log in.

Safe Environment compliant

It’s important to be safe and smart when adults are communicating with youth. Flocknote’s got you covered — keeping an archive of everything sent, giving access to multiple admins, never revealing your private phone number, making it easy to copy parents on messages, and more!

Schedule email and text messages for later

You can plan your communications for the coming week or month and then schedule all your email and text messages to go out at precisely the time you’d like.

Archive all your communications

Flocknote will keep an archive of all communications from all of your ministries for you. Now you’ll know precisely what is being sent out to all of your members and be able to easily refer people back to old messages as well.

Embed into your website

That way when people visit your website, they can immediately subscribe to get communications from your various ministries or groups.

RSS feeds

Each of your groups have an RSS feed you can use to display anything you send out on Flocknote automatically on your website. Pretty neat!

Connect to Facebook and Twitter

Anytime you send something out on Flocknote, we can automatically update your Facebook and Twitter profiles at the same time.

Group privacy levels

Each group you create can be set to either “open” (anyone can join), “closed” (must be approved by an admin) or “hidden” (can not be seen unless you’re already a member of it).

Automated phone calls

Have members who don’t text message or email, no problem! Flocknote will automatically call them on the phone and read your message to them (add’l charges apply).

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