Uno the SheepUno is the Flocknote mascot. After a long and somewhat rocky run in the rodeo circuit, he found himself a bit lost. But he’s now been found (Luke 15:4-7). So we put him to work…well mostly he just eats hay, ambles around and follows stuff – mostly Jesus. But he keeps us focused.

Uno is that one, lost sheep (you know, the one from Luke 15…that we’re supposed to leave the ninety-nine to go after?) Uno is all around us in the poor and the lonely. In the unloved and the hopeless. In our homes and pews. In the mirror.

Uno is why we, at Flocknote, are on a passionate mission to build a more connected Church. It’s why we’ve created the simplest, most powerful tool to connect with, listen to, engage and grow your flock.

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