You probably already know how Flocknote integrates with your website (using our embed code to capture subscriptions or using your Flocknote group’s RSS feed to auto-update content on your website). BUT NOW – it just got even easier and way more fun if you’re using eCatholic or Sheenomo for your website — which many of you are. (And if you’re not using them for your website, you… Read More

A letter from our founder:   In case some of you have never heard it, here’s the short story of why I started Flocknote. After college, I realized how many of my peers were drifting away from the Church. I wanted to help, but I didn’t know how. I quickly realized that to best help… Read More

When people ask me what they should use for their church or school website, I always recommend that they check out eCatholic (they help non-Catholic groups, too). There are lots of ways to get a website up these days. Some are free, some are very advanced, etc. The possibilities (and options) are endless. However, a… Read More