Reach your parents & students
when you need to.

Many teachers struggle to reach parents and students when they need to. We’ve been helping schools and churches fix that with a smarter way to text message and email their members. Flocknote schools and churches can reach all their members at a moment’s notice, resulting in higher participation, and a more connected community.

school texting app

Send unlimited texts

Text messages have an astounding 99% open rate (with 90% opened within 3 minutes). 😯 Texting is the #1 way to get your message through when you need to, period. We don’t think you should have to count how many texts you’ve sent which is why we offer unlimited texts and emails for one low monthly price that’s tailored to fit your congregation size. 😇

School text messaging

and unlimited emails

Our drag and drop email composer will help you knock their socks clean off their feet. 🧦 Write plain jane emails, or customize emails with colors, gifs, fonts, and layouts! Take quick polls, track RSVPs, embed videos, attach files, add buttons and more.

Get replies in one place & on the go

Whether someone replies to your message via email, text, or online – Flocknote will capture all of the replies for you in one place. You can even receive notifications of replies in your inbox or as a text message too!

Free text-to-join

Your members can text a unique keyword of your choosing in from their cell phones to get connected with your school or church (which we call text-to-join). We’ll capture their phone number and automatically follow up with a link to enter any missing information and prompt them to join other groups at your school or church. You can even follow up with your own custom text message automatically!

Each network gets one free text-to-join keyword. Additional keywords are only $4/month and can be added or removed at any time.

Tracking made simple with our Unolytics

With our analytics (which we like to call Unolytics after our mascot, Uno) you can track who is opening your emails and who isn’t, know who’s clicking on the links in your emails, and which of your admins are your best communicators. You can also track your giving and attendance data, your member count, and much more!

Members don't have to log in, create an account, or download anything to get your messages.

it just works.

Built for schools & churches not marketers

Safe Environment

It’s important to be safe and smart when adults are communicating with youth. Flocknote’s got you covered — keeping an archive of everything sent, giving access to multiple admins, never revealing your private phone number, making it easy to copy parents on messages, and more!

Unlimited Groups

Create as many groups as you want for every single department, classroom, ministry, sub-group or anything else. And then give each leader, teacher, or volunteer admin control over only the groups they need control of.

Centralized Contact Info

Have the most up-to-date contact info for more of your members. Contact information is centralized for all groups and can be updated by an admin or the member themselves. We filter out all the duplicates, too!

Admin Levels

Empower your teachers, ministry leaders and volunteers to communicate with their members (and no one else’s!) You can even allow an admin to send messages, but keep contact information private.

Content Library

We have a growing library of free content (campaigns, email newsletters, sample text messages to engage your flock, header images, etc.) at your disposal that you can take, edit, and make your own at any time.

Spanish Friendly

If you have Spanish speaking communities, you can do the entire text-to-join process in Spanish for them. Additionally, any notes can be sent out in whatever language you’d like.

Get concrete results for your school

“Before Flocknote we did not have a way to manage our distribution lists easily, so we sent a lot of emails to the entire school parent list. Parents were overwhelmed with information they did not need, and some just “tuned out” our emails. Now our parents know that when they receive a Flocknote that the information is pertinent to them, and they are more likely to open it. This increases the effectiveness of our communication and saves time too!”

– Lynn Lucas, Communications Director at St. Martha’s Catholic School in Kingwood, TX


More features to love

You can easily duplicate (and then edit) any message you’ve sent in the past, saving you tons of time for those regular communications you send out.

Craft custom messagess that go out to somebody any time they join a particular group.

Anytime you send something out on Flocknote, you can automatically update your Facebook and Twitter profiles at the same time.

You can easily embed our Subscribe Widget right on your own website. That way when people visit your website, they can immediately subscribe to get communications from your various ministries or groups.

You’re busy wearing a lot of hats and working on-the-go. Our mobile app lets you send emails and texts on the fly and makes it easy to follow up with your members too. 

Have members who don’t text message or email, no problem! Flocknote will automatically call them on the phone and read your message to them (add’l charges apply – $0.09/call).

Each of your groups have an RSS feed you can use to display anything you send out on Flocknote automatically on your website. Pretty neat!

Each group you create can be set to either “open” (anyone can join), “closed” (must be approved by an admin) or “hidden” (can not be seen unless you’re already a member of it).

Flocknote is FREE for 40 members or less.

No credit card required. Free for 40 members or less. No contracts. Cancel anytime.