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Build beautiful emails for your church in minutes

Our user-friendly email composer contains templates, free images, color options galore, and all of the customization power you need to create a stunning and professional email in minutes, not hours. Include polls, event RSVPs, smart buttons, attachments, quotes, and more! 

best free church email templates

Engaging content that's already done for you.

Schedule an entire email or text message series in a single click.

The Flocknote Library is full of pre-made, customizable content you can use for your Flocknote network anytime you want. Simply open the Library from your dashboard when you login, choose a series from the list and choose whether to add a single note, or all notes to a particular group. Bada-bing, you just wrote a whole email or text message series in one click. 

NEW! Create content for your diocesan parishes to use.

Leaders who are part of our  Diocesan Initiative are able to supply their parishes with sets of ready-made emails or text messages. This allows your parishes to easily copy over and send out Annual Appeal emails, or series of Lenten Reflection text messages, all in just a few seconds. 

Pre-made email series from names you love and trust

We’ve partnered with some of the best content creators in ministry today to create pre-made email and text message series you can schedule and send to your members with just a few clicks from the Flocknote Library.  


"The single most helpful tool I have to make my ministry run"

Lauren M.
Coordinator of Jr. High Evangelization

Free Images for every season, holiday, and holy day, yay!

We get it, you may not have a graphic designer on staff, or your may just be totally over the clip art that you’ve been recycling since the 90s. Either way, we make it easy to look polished, professional, and on-point. 💯

Our team creates fresh and seasonally relevant images for you every month that are delivered straight to your email composer. Just add an Image item and use the menu to scroll through the latest images. Feel free to use them elsewhere, too – in your bulletin, on your website and social media, paper handouts and flyers, heck, get crazy and print stickers of them too, we’d love to see ’em! 😍

Free Church Email Newsletter Header Images

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