82% of parishioners are lukewarm and drifting away — we can help!

Why does your parish need ENGAGE?

We'll show you what to send
and when to send it!

Have a lot on your plate? Tired of sending content to parishioners and getting hardly any response back? Let us be your guide! ENGAGE is packed with timely communications and content proven to spark engagement with the many lukewarm parishioners at the average parish.

Stop the drift, start reaching
the lukewarm 82%

Don't keep using the wrong tools that just reach the same already-engaged 7% over and over. Directly connect with those hard-to-reach parishioners (via innovative email and text messaging technology) using premium, relevant content that inspires their faith. No passwords, logins, or long instructions required!

We'll discuss:

  • Who are The 82%? And why do parishes keep failing to reach them?
  • The best way to reach your lukewarm parishioners
  • How to send them relevant content that sparks their interest
  • A simple way to improve all communications for all ministries at your parish

Parish leaders are loving ENGAGE!


What is the cost of ENGAGE?

Pay Monthly

An add-on subscription to an existing Flocknote network
$ 197
  • FREE 30 day trial
  • Cancel anytime

Pay Annually

An add-on subscription to an existing Flocknote network
$ 1,970
/ Year
  • Free 30 day trial
  • Cancel anytime
  • Word on Fire Bible and a copy of 'Centered'
  • 2 months free ($394 in savings)
2 months free

Simply add ENGAGE on to any regular
Flocknote plan (also free to try!) and you'll get:

  • A continually-updating library of premium Word on Fire content
  • Along with guidance of when and how to share it throughout the liturgical year
  • Presented in ready-made emails and text messages (just click, edit, send, engage!)
  • All proven to resonate with lukewarm parishioners like never before.

*Plus, every parishioner (no matter how big your parish) gets full personal access to Word on Fire Digital (normally $19.95/month PER PERSON!) all included free.

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