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The most powerful church communication tool on earth, scaled for a diocese (and all its parishes)

Flocknote for Dioceses scales our proven product to the diocesan level and leverages the natural structure of the Church to help you solve your most complex communication problems. We provide a team of dedicated Happiness Engineers and ongoing training & support throughout your partnership with us. Plus, every leader (regardless of technological ability) can learn to use (and love) Flocknote in under an hour.

Flocknote for Dioceses - Super Unolytics

Sync communications across the whole diocese

Our suite of Flocknote Diocese tools:

  • Syncs all contact info across every ministry, parish, school, and office in real time
  • Lets you easily locate and rank your best communicators (plus any who need improvement).
  • View at-a-glance data on growth and engagement from every parish
  • Gives your bishop the ability to reach every person within minutes (and hear back from them, too).

Streamline diocese-wide initiatives (and save big $$$)

Leverage Flocknote’s Content Library to easily create and share emails, texts, and graphics with parishes who may not have the personnel, time, or expertise to make their own. With important initiatives like the Annual Appeal staying on-brand and on-message throughout the diocese, you’ll engage a greater percentage of parishioners, and easily recoup the cost of Flocknote several times over.


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Customer Reviews

"Flocknote gives all parishes a consistent communication hub and interface for all ministry and parish activity, while also simplifying communication!"​
Cardinal Timothy Dolan
Archbishop of New York
"Flocknote has already proven to be a great tool to allow our bishop to reach people in the pews quickly and effectively. ... we are looking forward to the increased opportunities pastors and parish staff will have to positively connect with people during the work week."
Mitchell Palmquist
Executive Director of Communications Catholic Diocese of Spokane
“I knew Flocknote was a great fit for parishes, but it has also helped connect the archdiocese better than ever before.”​
Joshua Karabinos
Chief Strategy Officer - Archdiocese of Denver

Read our Diocesan Communications Report

We recently completed a study of over 200 leaders in nearly 125 dioceses across the country on diocesan communication practices. Download the full study report below!

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