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Youth Group Participation Doubles with Text Reminders

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Greg Schilling, High School Youth Minister for St. Mary of Washingtonville, New York, has loved using Flocknote for his Youth Ministry events and has seen his weekly meeting attendance double through his Flocknote text reminders.

Greg sends out a text reminding the teens of the meeting or event they are having that day.

Greg Schilling

“After the first time, I sent a reminder text about the meeting our attendance increased by 20%. Since then our attendance has doubled as I continue to send weekly text reminders,” said Greg.

Greg said the participation from last year to this year is a world of difference. Recently, they played a game at one of their meetings that required the kids to bring a tie. Last year using regular email to remind the kids to bring a tie, he said about five kids remembered. This year, he sent a friendly text reminder using Flocknote and all 60 kids remembered to bring their ties for the activity.

St. Mary’s Youth Group

St. Mary’s Youth Group

Greg said it has also helped his confidence in knowing the teens are receiving the invite to participate even if they don’t attend and that they know the youth ministry group is available.

“Last year kids would tell me they didn’t know about something. This year I’m 100% confident they know now that we send the texts through Flocknote.” Greg said. “Now more kids are in the loop.”

Greg said getting the teens to participate in Flocknote was super easy. He sent a “Sign up for Flocknote” flyer home with the teens one meeting with the text to join information. Since then he will randomly remind them to text their keyword to join if they haven’t already through inserting a reminder power point slide during a presentation on another topic.

Overall, Greg is a big fan of Flocknote, saying that he loves the simplicity of the program and he thinks it really comes in handy. “Flocknote is so easy to use, easier than (regular) email,” Greg said. “And I very much believe it has helped out our numbers a lot. We love it.”

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