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You Can’t Not Communicate

Uno with a paper airplane

“One cannot not communicate” – Paul Watzlawick

Is your organization scared to say certain things? To stand up for something? To inspire?

Or maybe it just hasn’t gotten its act together using new communication technologies (like proper email lists, text messaging, social media, website, etc)? So it hasn’t put in the effort to communicate using the tools of today?

Or maybe the committee to choose a committee hasn’t had time to meet…in order to plan a time for a meeting…so you can move forward on communicating something in particular?

Regardless, all of that stuff you’re not doing (or hesitating to do) is still communicating something to your people. And it often communicates the wrong message.

There is no escaping it. There is no opting out of communicating. Saying nothing says something. Failing to do one thing still communicates some thing to your members.

Decide who you are and what your message is. What’s your story? Decide what you want to communicate and make sure every action (and inaction) sends that message. Everything you do (or fail to do) communicates something about your organization.