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Write Differently for Different Things

Uno with different pens

You create great content. And then you set up endless outlets and channels to share it: Your website, Facebook page, email list, Twitter, print-outs, etc.

It’s tempting to simply come up with good content or a message you want to share, and then copy and paste the same exact thing across all of your channels.

Resist this temptation.

Different formats require different content. Your website works differently than a printed bulletin. Facebook has different function than Twitter. People process email differently than text messages. Etc.

Additionally, each medium has a potentially different audience. And the context from within which they are processing or engaging your content will be different based on how they are consuming it. So don’t simply copy and paste content from one medium to the next.

It’s a sure way to be ineffective.

Think about what you are trying to accomplish with each effort. Who you’re talking to. What you want them to do as a result of what you’re sharing. It will change the way you write things. How much and often you share. The time of day you share it. The call to action. It changes a lot.

Write differently for different things. It’s worth the effort and will make a big difference.

P.S. This concept is the reason behind a significant improvement we’re in the middle of making here with how Flocknote functions. More on that soon! We’re very excited.

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