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When Communication Becomes a Chore

Uno with a mop and bucket

If you find yourself feeling like your “communications” are just another chore of your job, then maybe you’re doing it wrong. If you ever feel like you don’t have time to correspond with your church members, maybe you’ve lost perspective.

These kinds of feelings occur when what we’re communicating has lost connection to its purpose. Or, rather, when our purpose is no longer grounded in a “need to communicate.” Then when we open our mouths, rather than communicating something meaningful, we end up adding to a noisy chatter that is dull, annoying or directionless.

Your members will quickly lose interest in you and start to tune you out. And yes, communicating will ultimately feel like a chore that you have trouble finding time for. In truth, you’re probably doing more harm than good.

In any church or member organization, communication is the beginning of communion. That is, it’s essential. An organization is only as strong and as meaningful as the relationships that make it up. When you communicate with your people (which includes listening to them) it gives the pulse to your cause. And consistent, effective communication pumps the blood through your community and allows movement to take place.

Every word you speak must be spoken with purpose. Ask yourself, what will advance our cause? Say that. How can this connect with our members and further our relationship? Communicate that. Why would somebody want to be a part this? Live out that story and invite others to live it with you.

When you do this, every word you communicate becomes sacred because it facilitates a surge of life through your community. If you don’t have time for that, then you don’t have time for anything.