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How to Write The Perfect Flocknote “Welcome Message”

Uno with a party hat and a welcome sign

First impressions are important and that’s no different when it comes to email and text messaging. So, it’s vitally important that you make your first interaction count when registering your members in Flocknote.

Flocknote has a handy optional feature in each group called a Welcome Message (click here for where to find it). If a group has the Welcome Message activated, any new member who subscribes with an email address would immediately have that Welcome Message sent to them.

This feature can be very valuable, but can also cause more harm than good if an admin isn’t careful in writing it. Here are some tips on how to make your Welcome Messages count:

  1. Make it quick.
    Fight the urge to be long-winded and work hard to keep your welcome message short and packed full of the most important information for this new person to receive.
  2. Show them the value. 
    What will you be using this group for? Tell them in one sentence. How often will you be sending stuff, and will it be via email or text message (or both)? Mention that too. The key is to make them want to stay subscribed to your group or network. To your members, this message will set the tone and expectation of what will follow.
  3. Tell them what do to next.
    If they’re receiving your Welcome Message, members actually don’t need to do anything from that point on. However, your more ambitious or curious members will benefit from a couple extra options.
    • Encourage friends to sign up: Provide your church’s vanity URL ( – here’s where to find that) and ask members to invite friends to sign up, too. This is an excellent way to continue building your database of contacts, not to mention it helps you further your mission as well.
    • Join some other groups: Clicking the group/network name at the top of their Welcome Message email will automatically log a member in to Flocknote (no password needed). So encourage them to click there and join some other groups at your church.
    • Contact us with questions or suggestions: Sometimes it’s tough to know what to send, or how best your church can fully use Flocknote. Ask for a little feedback from your general population by offering them a good church email address to contact.
  4. **BONUS** Thank them.
    You’d be surprised at how far a simple and sincere, “Thanks for being a part of our community!” note can go with your members. A simple thank you to round out your Welcome Message will help boost excitement and buy-in from your members.

Do you have a Welcome Message that people have responded positively to? Shoot us an email at We’d love to hear about it! You can also learn how to set one up within Flocknote by clicking the button below.