Every church runs on limited resources. Your budget is tight and your time is precious. The truth is…communicating inefficiently and with the wrong tools could actually be costing your church time and money! Check out this video and learn 3 ways your church is losing money by NOT using Flocknote.

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5 comments on “3 Ways your church is losing money by not using Flocknote

  • Really?
    Raise the speaker’s volume or lowering the in-between music volume by at least 50% would be great.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Scott! Also, sorry about that volume issue. We’ll take a look at that right away.

  • I like this. I have the same idea. Unfortunately, I could not make it is true. You’re absolutely right, every church has a great mission. Therefore we should not use free tools for real goal. I want our parish use Flocknote, however, it depends on the pastor and pastoral council.

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