We made some woolly mammoth sized improvements to the system this week! The good news is that these latest updates (mostly under-the-hood this time) are preparing us for some exciting new features for you later this year.

Some new things to note in the meantime:

  • The composer now auto-saves your notes (cuz just in case!).
  • Your vanity URL is different now. For example, instead of flocknote.com/holycross, it is now holycross.flocknote.com. (Don’t worry, the old one still works fine, too.)
  • You can now add members to your network who have no contact info. This helps some of you track folks and their groups/interests better, even prior to getting their email/phone. But be aware that they do contribute toward member count on your network.

We also have a one-minute quick tip for you!

Ch-ch-check out this fun-ness — a one-minute quick tip to help you use Flocknote better. This one shows you how to find some free Flocknote Library resources to help increase attendance on Holy Days and holidays!

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