Most organizations waste key opportunities to connect with their members. Any time a person comes in contact with your organization, whether online or off, it’s a key opportunity that you may never get again.

Whenever somebody happens upon your website, a Sunday gathering, a blog post you wrote or some other special event, make it a point to connect with them. Don’t let them leave without finding a way to continue the relationship.

That’s why when somebody lands on your website, one of the key CTA’s (“Calls to Action”) for your visitor is to ask them to provide their email address (Flocknote makes this easy) or phone number so they can get something totally awesome from you. That’s why anytime you have an event that attracts new people, ask them to text in your text-to-join keyword from their cell phone (another great feature of Flocknote) so you can follow up by text messaging and emailing them generous and inspiring things.

Do something. Meet them. Get to know them. Welcome them. Get *some* kind of info from them if it’s possible and natural. That way when they leave you have a way to continue the relationship.

You probably have some amazing opportunities you aren’t taking advantage of. For example, for churches, celebrations like Christmas, Easter, Ash Wednesday, etc. bring in loads of fresh faces. What are you doing to welcome, connect with and continue the relationship with those folks? Don’t waste these precious opportunities!

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