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Is your communications strategy missing this hugely important thing?

Uno with a heart

When you think about “communications,” are you forgetting one of the most important things required for good communication? Unfortunately, it’s a very common mistake made by many organizations and often one of the key reasons they are unsuccessful with their communications strategy.

They are so focused on just “getting their message out” that they forget that something more essential must come first: Relationship.

If you want somebody’s attention, which is a necessary prerequisite for them “getting your message,” then you must earn it. That is why any good communications strategy must be at least 50% about listening to what others want to say – rather than simply informing others about what we want them to know.

If you and I just met…and every time we got together all I did was talk the whole time about what I wanted you to know, how good would our relationship be? How long would you continue to give me your attention? How engaged would you be with me? Not good, not long and not very.

Every good relationship requires a lot of listening. And all of these new technological opportunities to communicate must not be abused as just another way to tell somebody else what we want them to know. They are relationship building tools. As such, they should be used to first listen and relate…then to talk.

That’s one of the key things that makes Flocknote different from an email or text message marketing tool and what makes it so specifically made for any organization wanting to build a better relationship with its members. We intentionally built in simple ways to get feedback and listen to your members (group convos, private replies, simple polls, RSVPs, etc.) because it’s essential to good relationships and, therefore, to good communications. Don’t forget to use them! It’s fun.

This short video was taken from an episode of The Finding Uno Show, a fun & free show hosted by Flocknote Founder & CEO, Matthew Warner. Watch or listen to the full episode at