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Intentional Communications for a Busy Congregation

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Today church members live in the age of overload and over-information, which can make it hard for churches to cut through the noise and get their message heard. At Cathedral of Mary our Queen in Baltimore, Communications and Social Media Coordinator Beth Awalt said their church is working on being very intentional with their communications.

“We are trying to transition to a more digital age and mindset,” said Beth.

Integrating Communications

They started using Flocknote back in August and said the change has been great for them. Recently, they scaled their six-page printed bulletin to two pages, and now send a weekly e-bulletin via Flocknote. When a fundraising need came up, their pastor sent out a Flocknote expressing the need for funds.

“Within an hour he received four calls offering to contribute,” said Beth. “The printed bulletin had already been sent to the printer, so by the time it was printed the information was already outdated.”

Keeping Members Informed

All of the Cathedral’s ministries use Flocknote and Beth said several of them send out something at least once a week.

“We have a really active, really busy church. A lot of our members travel often so we need to keep them engaged whenever they are not here,” Beth said.

Living in Baltimore, Beth said they also have some loyal parishioners who head south for the winter. They have received positive feedback from those parishioners letting them know they enjoy receiving the Flocknote updates and that it makes them feel like they are staying connected to the church while they are away.

Interior of the church Cathedral of Mary our Queen in Baltimore, MD

Cathedral of Mary our Queen in Baltimore, MD

Staying in Touch with Former Members

Back in March, the Cathedral’s former rector of 25 years passed away, something that was heartbreaking for current and past members of the church. The parish sent out an email via Flocknote letting their present and past community know about his passing.

“We got the nicest emails back from old members,” said Beth. “We got a lot of responses from people not normally connected to our church who still appreciated being informed.”

Easy-breezy Training for Staff and Volunteers

Beth says training staff members and volunteers to use Flocknote has been easy and straightforward as well.

Beth Awalt

“The staff and volunteers all say it is so easy to use, so user-friendly and looks pretty,” Beth said. “It makes sense even to those who aren’t tech-savvy.”

Counting on Flocknote for Great Service

Beth said one of their favorite things about Flocknote is the customer service.

“This has been really important to us – to have great customer service,” said Beth. “When niche, tech things happen, we don’t have a large staff of IT people to help us with what’s wrong. Flocknote staff has been able to help us with this. We really love the customer service!”

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