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How One Church uses Flocknote to Empower Their Ministries

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Notre Dame of Mount Carmel in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey has over 2,000 church members signed up on Flocknote, as well as many ministries who use it on a regular basis.

“We love Flocknote, it’s so great,” said Communications Staff Member Cristina Folan. “The biggest blessing [of Flocknote] is communicating within ministries.”

Relieving the Burden of Finding Substitutes

Cristina said Flocknote is a lifeline for their ministries — such as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHCs). With five church services a weekend and eight EMHCs needed at each one, this ministry requires a lot of planning and communication. In the past, they had to publish a roster and volunteers had to find a substitute by going down the roster and calling each name to see if they could substitute for them. This cumbersome process discouraged a lot of people from volunteering.


“With Flocknote a lot of the burden is relieved, all we have to do is send a note in Flocknote and someone replies that they will cover for you,” said Cristina. “It used to be tedious – truly. It was such an obstacle.”

The volunteer Lectors now do the same thing, and Cristina said it is nice that all the notes are there in Flocknote within the group, so members don’t have to unnecessarily search through old emails.

Evangelizing with Flocknote

Flocknote has also been a great evangelization tool for their church. For example, Cristina teaches a confirmation class for their high schoolers. After each class, she sends their parents a Flocknote letting them know what they discussed that day. If they watched a video, she is able to incorporate it into the note using the embedded video feature.

“This is just another way to give them a window of opportunity with their kids and what might be going on within their hearts,” said Cristina.

Congregation on Sunday at Notre Dame of Mount Carmel in Cedar Knolls

Notre Dame of Mount Carmel in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey

Sending out Volunteer Requests

Another ministry that uses Flocknote creatively is the Kitchen Angels, who make meals each month for the Senior Luncheon in the Church Hall. Each month they have a specific menu that they send out via Flocknote, which makes it easy for the volunteers to click on the link and sign up for what they are bringing.

These are just a few examples of the ways NDMC uses Flocknote to further the mission of their church. Easy, fast and effective communication with their members is a crucial part of helping them and their ministries continue to grow and spread the Gospel.

Flocknote is much more appealing than regular email,” Cristina said. “As churches we compete with so much. With Flocknote the look is different, the flavor is different — it helps it stand out.”

Have you or your church done something really creative through Flocknote? If so, send us an email at and tell us more! You might just be the subject of our next Flocknotable!