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Four Tips for Helping Your Members Connect to Flocknote

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So your Flocknote network is up and running, but not all your members are connected yet? Here are our tips on how to help your members connect!

1. Treat holidays and big events like Sign-Up Sundays

We know you had a sign-up Sunday when you first introduced Flocknote, but including this in your announcements at holidays and special occasions can help reach more members. Since these occasions tend to bring a lot of new faces, it’s a great opportunity to continue (or begin!) the relationship with infrequent visitors.

2. Include a link on your website

Many parishioners hear through the grapevine about Flocknote. Instead of taking the time or trouble to call the parish office or look in the bulletin for instructions on how to sign up, many of your members will look on your website first. That’s why our nifty embed code feature can be one of the best ways to help your parishioners subscribe to receive your notes. Include it prominently on your homepage and Contact Us section. Each group in Flocknote has its own embed widget, so your ministry pages on your website can also have their own signup form for their group on Flocknote.

For more information on how to set this up on your website, click here.

3. Keep the Text-to-Join keywords and vanity URL in your bulletin (and announcements)

Include your unique Flocknote URL in the weekly bulletin with all your other contact information. That way your members will be reminded on a weekly basis if they still need to subscribe. If you have a text-to-join keyword set up (each Flocknote subscription comes with one free Text-to-Join keyword, which is a unique keyword of your choosing that your members can text in to get connected with your church instantly), include the instructions on how to Text-to-Join as well.

For more information on text-to-join, click here.

4. Import your members

You don’t need to wait for your new members to sign up for themselves! If you have their contact info, just use our easy import tool to import new members on a regular basis. Inform them when they sign up as a new church member that they will be receiving a welcome message from you along with regular email and text message communications from the parish (which they can opt out of at any time). For more information on how to import your members, click here.

Using these 4 tips, you’ll be able to reach more of your church members over time and support your church’s mission.