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Flocknoting from the Holy Land

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Parishioners from St. Mary’s Parish in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts recently took a trip of a lifetime to the Holy Land. They wanted to take the entire parish with them, so they decided instead of trying to stick them in their suitcase, they would bring the Holy Land to them – through Flocknote!

Each day they sent an email via Flocknote to their parishioners with a summary of what they did that day and a video highlighting their stops. They encouraged their parishioners to leave comments on the notes with their prayer intentions. “They were praying for us and we were praying for them,” said Kelly.

Kelly said their parishioners were very excited to receive their daily emails. “They really felt like they were there with us,” Kelly said. “When we returned from the Holy Land parishioners told us they were waiting for each email each day and waking up in the morning excited to check their email.”

Parishioners’ Responses:

“I would also like to thank Kelly for her wonderful videos! I looked forward to seeing them every day and they made me feel part of the journey. May God bless you for the way you use your talents for everyone at Saint Mary’s. Thanks again!”


“For a special intention. Thank you for including us in your trip, for the beautiful pictures, and descriptions, and most especially for your prayers.” 


“Thank you for sharing this beautiful trip with those of us that were not able to travel with you. Safe travels home..” 


St. Mary’s Parish has been using Flocknote for about a year to communicate with its members. On a regular basis, they send out a weekly newsletter, send information about events, and distribute a blog from their Pastor, Msgr. Michael Rose. Kelly noted they received additional subscribers to their Flocknote because of the 10 day pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Kelly also said her favorite moment on the trip was being on the sea of Galilee.

“We took a boat out there, turned off the engine, and read the Gospel passage of Jesus walking on the water. It was very moving to really be where we know he was!” Kelly said. “Now every time we hear the Gospel it will take us back there.”

Thanks to using Flocknote to include their other parishioners – their entire parish can now also visualize the Holy Land as they listen to the Gospels!

“Flocknote is such a wonderful evangelizing tool. It is a great way to engage people and it has been well received in our parish. It’s very easy to use, I love it!

Kelly shared her experience of hearing about many churches afraid to use technology for communication because of their older parishioners. However, she said many of their older members are the most active on Flocknote.

“Most of the people commenting are our elderly parishioners,” said Kelly. “We have the ‘snowbirds’ that go to Florida in the winter and they love that they can stay connected to our parish through Flocknote while they are away.”

Picture of the group in the Holy Land

A picture of the group in the Holy Land.

P.S. – Kelly is a consultant by day – all her work with St. Mary’s as the main communications person is volunteer work! She said Flocknote is super easy to use and helps her with her communications tasks for the parish. It saves her a ton of time – so it definitely can save you money and time, all the while revolutionizing the way your church communicates.