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Flocknote vs. Private Social Networking or Other Member Management Software

Uno being sent in a letter

Private social networking solutions (like The City or The Table) are like trying to create your own “private Facebook” network for your community. It can work in rare niches but ends up (like many mobile app solutions) only engaging your already ultra-engaged members. The barrier-to-use is high and requires your members to form a new habit (hard to do), regularly logging in to a closed website in order to get updates and interact with other members.

Flocknote flips that concept on its head while providing even better results. We help you push info to your members where they already habitually check for info (their email inboxes and mobile devices), and they can securely get info, interact, reply to polls, rsvp, etc. without ever having to log in (or even necessarily registering their own account). It just works.

Or maybe you’re using something like ParishSoft or PDS or Fellowship One. These might be helpful (or maybe you’re even required to use them) for member record keeping or registration. But when it comes to communicating, engaging and mobilizing people, Flocknote is a huge, worthwhile improvement over anything these solutions offer. And Flocknote works great alongside them.

A lot of church software tools, on paper, claim to do it all. But first, their full solutions are usually overly expensive. Second, many member management software tools were built for administrators, not for ministry leaders and certainly not for your members. Third, they try to do so many things that they end up doing none very well. Their interface has become a cluttered, complex, hard-to-use mess, requiring a lot of time and training on a tool much of your staff ends up avoiding at all costs.

Flocknote, on the other hand, takes the approach of most modern, successful software tools. We are focusing on doing one thing really well (knowing and communicating with your members). And we’re working hard to integrate and play nicely with any other awesome software you use for other purposes (including the tools mentioned above).