Your church attendance on Christmas might be the largest of the year. Are you going to miss a huge opportunity this Christmas? We hope not! Every year you have crowds of people show up at your church on Christmas, many of whom you haven’t seen in awhile. Many of whom may never come back.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see those folks MORE than a few times a year?
A big reason it doesn’t happen more already is because churches aren’t able to reach those people after they leave the building on Christmas (or Easter, etc.) That’s why encouraging your congregation to sign up with your church’s Flocknote network every holiday can be so valuable.

Don’t miss this tremendous opportunity!
This Christmas make a connection with them. When they show up, get their email address and their cell phone number so that you can continue the relationship after they leave. Flocknote is by far the most powerful and effective way to do this!

Check out our Launch Steps page (and scroll to Phase 4) to get a sample announcement script and downloadable flyer you can use for free at your church! 

We’re here to help. Have any questions about Flocknote? Shoot our team of Happiness Engineers an email at We’d love to help your church get ready for Christmas and start sending emails and text messages to all of your different ministries and groups all year long.

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