Unfortunately, most bishops can’t do it. Most parishes can’t do it. What am I referring to?

I’m referring to something that every healthy organization can do. I’m referring to something that is simple, very possible for the Church to implement, and extremely powerful (when used well).

Yet, most bishops can’t do it. Most pastors can’t do it. What is it? Reach their flock (directly and at a moment’s notice).

Yes, we can often reach the most engaged “7%.” The folks who read the bulletin. Download the app. Listen to announcements. Check the website. Follow us on social media. Jump through whatever hoop we ask them to jump through.

But we still can’t reach most everybody else.

Which means we can’t reach the majority of the folks we’re responsible for…the folks who don’t always show up on Sunday, don’t follow us on Facebook, won’t ever download the app, are not checking our website or reading the bulletin, who don’t know any on-fire folks at their parish, who are turning to secular sources for answers, who are on the path to leaving the Church and who are extremely uncertain about passing on the Faith to their children.

Why can’t we reach them?

Because we continue to design programs, choose technologies, and make decisions based on the 7% (i.e. what we ourselves like/think/do). And because we needlessly overcomplicate it.

If we have something relevant to say (which we do), if there is scandal which needs addressing (which there is), and if we are leading our people on an inspiring and meaningful adventure (which we are), then we simply need the best way to directly reach the most people at a moment’s notice (and easily hear back).

The best ways (by far) to do this today are text messaging and email. They’re simple. There’s no middleman. Everyone already uses them. Nobody has to download anything or create an account or sign up for anything. They just work. They are the backbone of most any healthy organization’s digital communications. They even solve the most communication problems with the least amount of work. Every bishop and every pastor should be able to email or text message their flock (and not just the 7%!) at any moment!

Yet, most can’t. Let’s fix that.

At Flocknote, we’ve built a smarter way to text message and email the flock. We’re already working with over 4000 parishes and dozens of dioceses, and an unbelievable amount of new parishes are coming on board every day. I’m truly humbled and in awe of what God is doing here. I don’t share this with you because I want Flocknote to benefit. I share Flocknote with you because I want the Church to benefit. That’s why I started it almost 10 years ago.

Will you help us?

If your parish is not using Flocknote, or if your diocese has not put it in every parish and school, please tell them about Flocknote. And, together, let’s build a more connected Church.

You can click here to learn more and watch a short video about Flocknote if you’re interested. (We’re Safe Environment compliant, too!)

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