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Evangelizing with Text Messages: Sending ‘Spiritual Snacks’ with Flocknote

Uno with fruits and veggies

Each morning, a daily text is sent from California to members all over the country saying “Good morning!” with a link to their daily spiritual snack, a 150-word blog post written by Donna Couch, director of faith formation, and her fellow staff members at St. Edward the Confessor in Dana Point.

We have been writing our “spiritual snacks”  for four years now and it’s our main way of evangelizing.” Donna said. “We try to reach out to everyone, especially the younger people and the unchurched. Flocknote has helped us reach out to these people.”

In southern California, where they have a 180-degree view of the Pacific Ocean from their pews, Donna says they are competing with many different spiritualities.


The view from St. Edward

The gorgeous view from St. Edward

There are a lot of people on the peripheries. We are trying to reach them in a different way…a way that they are comfortable with.

St. Edward began the daily texts in mid-February during Lent. Donna said it was a little slow going at first but it grew steadily for the 40 days of Lent and 50 days of Easter. Currently there are over 870 members from all over the country in their daily text group.

“They get to start the day with a beautiful, thought-provoking photo and a written encounter about finding God in the ordinary. This is all original content written by our parishioners.” Donna says. “We call them ‘spiritual snacks’ because they are 150 words. You might not have time for a gourmet meal, but everyone has time for a nourishing snack.”

Donna said they really enjoy this evangelization project and have discovered that texting helps them reach out to more people.

“I think people enjoy the mobility of it. We are writing about ordinary things and have a lot of writers that contribute. People like that because they know them or we are writing about stuff here.”

This summer they plan on starting a new program called Waves of Grace where staff members will be writing or recording their prayers. They also plan to do book and film reviews, as well as a series on summer vacation in August.

It’s a total spiritual tool – we’re just helping them get a jump start on their day.” said Donna.

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