The Church of St. Catherine of Siena in Manchester, New Hampshire has been using Flocknote for a little over a year.  In that time, they’ve expanded their use of Flocknote to multiple ministries in their parish, who use it for their day-to-day communication with members, in addition to sending out their bulletin and current events weekly and keeping parishioners posted when special occasions come around.

This past Holy Week and Easter, which happened to coincide with St. Catherine’s 1st Anniversary of using Flocknote (March 25), was one such special occasion.

A few weeks prior to Easter, we wanted to provide customers with some pre-made content that could be easily edited, scheduled, and sent out to subscribers during the holiday in just a few keystrokes. With three text messages and two email templates to choose from, Derek McDonald, St. Catherine’s Director of Faith Formation & Evangelization, had more than enough to work with.

Derek picked two “Freebies” to send out — a text message on Easter Sunday and an email the following morning.

“They were definitely helpful for us to use,” Derek said. “Most parishioners received it well and were very happy.”

The email on Monday morning was especially successful. The pastor of St. Catherine’s, Fr. Paul Montminy, had been on sick leave for the past month, so parishioners hadn’t seen their shepherd for much of Lent.

“I approached [Fr. Montminy] him about sending the email to parishioners on his behalf,” Derek recalled. “He thought it was a great idea, and was glad to have it sent out.”

The email itself was a simple “Thank You” to parishioners for being a part of the community at St. Catherine’s, followed by a quote from author C.S. Lewis. Flocknote provided some body text, a custom newsletter header, and the quote, so Derek only had to copy it into his desired Flocknote group, modify the draft with St. Catherine-specific information, and schedule it to go out.

Here’s the before and after:

Finally, with Flocknote’s ability to directly reply to any text message or email note, several parishioners expressed their shared gratitude by replying or leaving a comment:

St. Cath Comments
Here’s the thing: This could be your church. 

With two short messages that took next to no time to copy, edit, and send, the staff at St. Catherine’s were able to engage their members, build appreciation, and ultimately further their mission as a church.

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