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From Connection to Communion

Uno with an iPad

Today I’ve got some great theology of communication for you. Brandon Vogt recently got to interview Archbishop Celli at the Catholic Media Conference. I was actually standing with him when he did this interview and had a great time at the conference (where we presented a large sampling of our Digital Church Conference).

Archbishop Celli just so happens to be the President of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications. a.k.a. the guy who showed the Pope how to use his iPad:

Archbishop Celli showing the Pope how to use an iPad

He’s basically a (if not the) top communications guy at the Vatican and somebody who works closely with the Pope. Pretty cool.

Even cooler is what a good-humored, kind, and wise man he is. We had a lot of fun chatting and joking around with him. He even gave me, specifically, an apostolic blessing. #GoMe!

Anyway, Brandon did a great job interviewing him here and this video contains so many very wise insights on connection and communion (and therefore communication). Definitely worth a listen.

Also, Brandon has a helpful summary of the interview, along with the entire transcript, over on his blog if you’re interested or had trouble hearing due to the background noise.

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