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Flocknote isn’t just for one ministry. It’s for your entire church.

pastor thinking of Flocknote

Light of the World Roman Catholic Church (LOTW) in Littleton, Colorado has been on Flocknote for over three years. But to say that they simply “use” Flocknote would be doing them a massive injustice. In their effort to make Flocknote a church-wide, well-integrated system, LOTW has sent nearly 2,800 notes (emails or text messages) to more than 2,000 signed-up parishioners across 82 different groups.

Video courtesy of the Archdiocese of Denver

Led by Fr. Michael Pavlakovich, LOTW is a testament to just how well a church can do when the buy-in is high from ministries and church members alike.

“One of the things we realized is that it gives us great accessibility to the entire parish,” Fr. Michael said. “If there was a funeral, if there was an event we wanted people to know about, it’s the greatest way to connect with everybody in the parish.”

Fr. Michael also makes one essential point: In order for Flocknote to become successful at a church, it needs to be championed by the leader first and foremost. By and large, the influence of the communication director, the director of religious education, or other volunteers or employees pales in comparison to the pastor’s influence on the congregation. Not only is this true in theory, but here at Flocknote we see that to be the case time and time again — if the pastor isn’t on board and encouraging members to sign up, the initiative is far less likely to be a success on a church-wide basis.

If you’ve been on the fence about launching Flocknote in your whole church, or if your pastor has been reluctant to endorse it, show him this video! Also, we have great posts on what to do if you think your congregation is too old for Flocknote if you aren’t sure how to get your members to connect, and lots more over at the Flocknote Blog.