All of a sudden email from your church email address is going into everyone’s spam folder. Or perhaps your provider is blocking you from sending email out. Many churches have experienced blacklisted email addresses at some point. Some are experiencing it without even knowing it! By far the #1 cause of this for churches is… Read More

Is the information in your central member database at your church up-to-date? Is your team particularly happy with your member management software? If not, you’re not alone. The more churches I talk to, the more it seems that nobody is really all that happy with their church’s member database. The central place they keep all… Read More

Every once in awhile we hear somebody say they were waiting for their people to “sign up for Flocknote” or that they couldn’t get them to “start using it.” They’re quite relieved when we tell them that they’ve thinking about Flocknote all wrong! And that these are precisely the challenges we designed Flocknote to easily… Read More

It may be tempting to believe that text messages and “push” notifications (i.e. a popup message from a mobile app) are similarly effective when it comes to church communications. But in practice, not only are they very different, but one is far superior to the other. Here’s the breakdown of text messaging vs. push notifications:… Read More

My wife and I have 5 young children at home, and sometimes, when I need to say something, it’s so loud in the house that I find myself yelling and repeating myself more and more loudly until finally I yell so loud that the kids stop and pay attention. But the problem (aside from me… Read More

Most churches wish they had more people attending their events. Unfortunately, despite announcing events from their pulpit, website, church calendar, Facebook page, and bulletin, participation often remains lower than desired. However, the problem is typically not that the event isn’t worthwhile, but that there’s been poor communication, promotion, and marketing. And that’s a cryin’ shame!… Read More

Flocknote actually helps your church keep children safe and remain Safe Environment compliant, all while still empowering your leaders to communicate with your members using the two most powerful and effective channels today – text messaging and email!Here’s how: Archives everything — Flocknote archives every conversation for you, whether it’s a text message or email… Read More

For many church leaders, “marketing” becomes a dirty word when applied to ministry. After all, we associate it with the marketplace — the buying and selling of goods, profits, the money-changers at the temple. Marketing is for commerce and business, not charitable work and the salvation of souls…right? It’s easy to understand why many church… Read More

We had hundreds of people enter to win and it was tons of fun going through so many great entries. All of you church and ministry leaders are using Flocknote in a lot of impressive ways. It was difficult to narrow it down to just a few winners (one winner and two runners-up for each… Read More

Unfortunately, most bishops can’t do it. Most parishes can’t do it. What am I referring to? I’m referring to something that every healthy organization can do. I’m referring to something that is simple, very possible for the Church to implement, and extremely powerful (when used well). Yet, most bishops can’t do it. Most pastors can’t do… Read More