When St. Vincent’s Parish and school in Denver, Colorado had to temporarily close their doors due to COVID-19, there was a significant loss in tithing and the church was struggling to make ends meet. The parish Director of Religious Education Laurel Eyer, said the parish was “…just beginning a transition to life with a new… Read More

One of the major effects of churches having to close their doors during this time is the decrease in weekly giving. Churches around the world are struggling financially, as they are losing money while they are not able to have services, due to COVID-19.  In order to successfully ask your members to continue to tithe… Read More

We had a chance to chat with Katie Kalarovich (self-proclaimed to be Uno’s biggest fan!) from St. Joan of Arc parish in Candler, North Carolina. St. Joan of Arc is a vibrant parish that is home to dozens of active ministries that serve their parish and community beyond. Katie was kind enough to detail how… Read More

When St. Catherine of Siena Parish in Wake Forest, North Carolina heard that they were in the path of Hurricane Florence in September 2018, they acted quickly to implement a plan. “We realized that the hurricane was coming here, which presents a number of problems,” Mary Allison—the first communications director of the parish—shared. “Over 800… Read More