We hate asking for money. It’s not fun. It’s awkward. So what ends up happening is that we either a) don’t ask for money nearly as often as we should or b) when we do ask, we do a really bad job at it (cue person standing at pulpit, head down, reading a prepared statement… Read More

Communicating with your church during the coronavirus crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has brought unique challenges for church communities — particularly related to direct and timely communication. As a fruit of working with thousands of churches to communicate through this crisis, we felt it would be helpful to share some of the insights we’ve learned so far: We need to hear from you (church… Read More

7 ways flocknote will make your life and ministry easier

Getting Flocknote started at your church is really exciting! But of course, your ministry leaders and staff may still have questions. Like, “How is this not going to make my life harder, again?” and “Isn’t regular email just as good?”, and “I don’t have time for such shenanigans!” In this video, Matt explains 7 ways… Read More

If you think Flocknote is only for the “younger generation,” think again! We had the honor of chatting with Tammy Townsend (National Director of Communications) and Sister Angela from Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, who started using Flocknote to communicate among the 230 sisters who live and minister in over 35 convents across… Read More

We made some woolly mammoth sized improvements to the system this week! The good news is that these latest updates (mostly under-the-hood this time) are preparing us for some exciting new features for you later this year. Some new things to note in the meantime: The composer now auto-saves your notes (cuz just in case!). Your vanity URL… Read More

Thousands of schools, teachers, youth ministries, and churches understand the power of reaching their members at a moment’s notice with a quick text or a beautiful email. We hear from many users that feel limited by Remind’s features and have made the switch to Flocknote. Here are some of the reasons why you’ll love Flocknote… Read More

Text messaging is by far the best way to get your message out when you need to most. School closures, weather issues, last minute reminders, you name it! This January, Remind announced it will no longer send text messages to Verizon users for those on it’s free plan. Not to worry! If you’re looking for… Read More

Does my church need a church app?

Does your church need its own church app? I’ve traveled the country for years speaking to tens of thousands of church leaders. And at every event, without fail, somebody asks…what about mobile apps for churches? Does my church need a mobile app? What are church apps exactly? Aren’t they the future? Shouldn’t we be investing… Read More

How would you like to double the amount of members you can currently contact? Let’s be honest, like most churches you probably have no way of directly reaching over half of the people in the pews, once they walk out the door on Sundays. And you may have no way to reach them if they… Read More

When churches begin to implement new and improved communication tools, they often ask the question “Who should be in charge of all this stuff?”. Often, the answer is not as simple as you might think. The temptation is to put one person in charge of all communications, or to create a committee that is in… Read More