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An Engagement Strategy that works wonders!

Uno with a cell phone

These days everything is about “engagement.” So, naturally, your organization needs an “engagement strategy.” Well here’s one that will work wonders for you!

You want people to engage with your organization? Then do something people care about. Communicate it effectively. Be trustworthy. People will engage.

It really is that simple.

All this talk and strategy and planning and process for more “engagement” too easily becomes abstraction and distraction. Don’t forget why you want people to engage in the first place. Your end goal is (most likely) not just engagement. The end goal is to do something meaningful as an organization.

And yes, the right technology and processes can help a lot. But they won’t fix it by themselves.

If people aren’t engaging, it’s because either you aren’t doing anything they care about, you haven’t communicated it very well or they don’t trust you. It’s simple. Fix one or all of those. That’s your “engagement strategy.”

Ready to turn around your church’s communication strategy? Discover which questions help best engage your members below!

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