These days everything is about “engagement.” So, naturally, your organization needs an “engagement strategy.” Well here’s one that will work wonders for you!

You want people to engage with your organization? Then do something people care about. Communicate it effectively. Be trustworthy. People will engage.

It really is that simple.

All this talk and strategy and planning and process for more “engagement” too easily becomes abstraction and distraction. Don’t forget why you want people to engage in the first place. Your end goal is (most likely) not just engagement. The end goal is to do something meaningful as an organization.

And yes, the right technology and processes can help a lot. But they won’t fix it by themselves.

If people aren’t engaging, it’s because either you aren’t doing anything they care about, you haven’t communicated it very well or they don’t trust you. It’s simple. Fix one or all of those. That’s your “engagement strategy.”

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  • At least in my experience, a lot of Catholic Parishes don’t communicate (over and above the printed bulletin) because they don’t have anything exciting to communicate in the first place, or the pastor and staff aren’t really excited about anything going on at the parish. It definitely takes some nerve and confidence to promote, reach out, and invite, and many parishes/parishioners/parish staffs have lost their confidence. It is always safer to do nothing, at least then people will just ignore you. Communication over and above the bulletin invites the haters and the judgers, but also actually reaches the non-practicing Catholics.

    Love what you’re doing and hoping to factor Flocknote into my Youth Ministry budget for the 2014-2015 year. I do everything “manually” right now and really need a more automated way to collect/send out email and text communications as well as a way to delegate some communication responsibilities to our volunteer small group leaders. Plus it would be great to have everything recorded and together on Flocknote so that the liability and safeguarding people at the parish can oversee and monitor all communications. Flocknote really meets the needs for Catholic Parishes and youth ministries, even if most parish don’t see the need yet.

    • Jonathan – great thoughts! Thank you so much for sharing and for the important work you’re doing! We’d love to have you on Flocknote. Just let us know how we can help! God bless you.

  • How NOT to Welcome New Members to Your Church: Love one another?
    1. Greeters at each door: Make sure that all are one age cohort and style.
    2. Phone calls to new members: Make it all about you, how long you have belonged to the parish, what offices you hold and your committee memberships. Do not invite the new member to join you or ask what there interests are.
    3. Never, ever, talk to someone who you have not seen in church before.
    4. Criticize the young children for their behavior, but provide no books for pre-schoolers.
    5. Put notices in the bulletin that a social action committee needs food. You can leave contributions but do not invite new members.
    6. Write how you wish members could see the happy faces of the recipients of all the holiday gifts that you donated. Really? Do you invite anyone to join you?
    7. Make a suggestion to add a service to a committee, volunteer to do that, and be told “That is just not what we do.”
    8. Have programs/ ministries for one generation. Ignore the others.
    9. Complain about mothers who nurse their children in church.

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