When people ask me what they should use for their church or school website, I always recommend that they check out eCatholic (they help non-Catholic groups, too).

There are lots of ways to get a website up these days. Some are free, some are very advanced, etc. The possibilities (and options) are endless. However, a free website is still not worth your trouble if it doesn’t allow you to do the things you need to do, or doesn’t look professional, or doesn’t get used properly because the “free” labor is busy or slow to respond. Likewise, a crazy-advanced and expensive website isn’t worth even a penny if it’s so hard to use that only one, highly trained person can use it or it never gets updated.

That’s why eCatholic’s solution is ideal for so many organizations. It’s super affordable and easy to use, but still very professional. They can even do completely custom designs, too. Most of all, it’s so practical that you’ll actually use it — which is an essential first step toward a great website. So whatever solution you choose, the most important thing is that you’ll actually use it! That’s one of the reasons I always recommend eCatholic.

A little secret for you

You can easily embed your Flocknote registration or subscribe widgets right into any eCatholic website (just like any website). But we’re also secretly working on something special with eCatholic that will give you the option to more intimately and automatically link your eCatholic website with your Flocknote network. (*stay tuned*)

The best part, though, is that they just released their latest and most amazing version yet, eCatholic 5.0. Here’s another good write up about it by Brandon Vogt. Hope you’ll consider doing their free trial and sharing it with anyone else who may benefit.

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