We’ve spent over 8 years working with 1000s of churches and ministries to help them reach more of their sheep. Why did we do it? We’re on a mission to help you build a more connected Church.

The world has never had more powerful ways to communicate than we do today — yet most churches still struggle to effectively reach and engage their members. Flocknote not only fixes this, but we make it simple and fun, too! We cut through the noise and novelty and make sure you have the most powerful ways to listen to, understand and better communicate with your people. We hope you’ll join us on this most important mission!

Meet the team

We believe…

  • you’re on an important, faith-filled mission. We believe we can help!
  • in praying for our customers. Our customers, after all, are doing some of the most important work on the planet and we find great joy in serving them!
  • in rethinking how we use software and technology in the Church.
  • in simple and focused solutions that do just what you really need – and nothing you don’t.
  • that great service matters. We work hard to provide fast and friendly customer service.
  • in transparency. We have no hidden fees and all of our prices are published right on our site so you know exactly what you’re getting.
  • in NO contracts. Contracts are for services customers don’t love. Our customers can cancel any time, no questions, no extra fees, no worries.
  • that game-changing solutions are easy to use. You’ll pick up Flocknote in minutes, not weeks. (Check out our Get Started page and Help Center if you need a little quick help!)