Apps are changing our world in really neat ways. But the truth is that text messaging and email are still the No. 1 ways to connect with your members. Apps tend to only engage the folks in your church who are already very engaged. The barrier of having to download an app will keep the vast majority of your members from ever using it, plus downloadable apps alienate the more than one-third of adults who don’t own a smartphone.

After now working with thousands of different churches who have tried it all (including Flocknote vs various stand-alone mobile app solutions), it is still the case that they reach 5-10x as many of their people using Flocknote (email and text messaging) than they do with their stand-alone mobile app.

At this time, an “app” (i.e. something people have to download from their app store before they can interact with you) can be an interesting supplementary tool for your church, but we believe should not be pursued until you have a robust system for text messaging and emailing your members.

It’s also important to remember that Flocknote is a kind of “app” too (a web app), it’s simply much more accessible because: 1) people interact with it directly through their email and text message channels; and 2) it can be loaded and used from anywhere, on any browser, on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.)…without ever having to download anything first.